Really a new package?

I wasn’t too serious when I posted “Is this going…” suggesting a package providing macros for creating galvanic and other electrochemical cells. Quite to my surprise I have gotten a lot of feedback and interest, though.

This made me thinking: if there is indeed interest for such a package what features should it provide? How flexible should the macros be? So I’d like to make this post a kind of feedback thread. If you think such a package would be useful to you please add a short comment if you’d use such a package and what feature you think it should provide.

Despite the fact that I don’t have to the time to realize such a package any time soon I already have a rough idea about some features:

  • galvanic cells
  • electrolytic cells
  • customization of size and color of the cell
  • customization of size, color and type of electrodes
  • flexible labelling of the different parts (eletrodes, electrolytes, …)
  • gas electrodes (?)

The feedback here may decide if I’m going to write such a package (using TikZ, of course).


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